Britta Elisa Krämer

Photographs and jewelry with Very High Radiance

Britta Elisa Krämer born in Heidelberg found her way into the arts through an international and diverse life. Her artistic career began as a goldsmith and jewelry design and continued seamlessly into art and interior design. The years in which she worked and lived internationally as a goldsmith and jewelry designer, creating her own collections, were influenced by diverse cultures. This has been a great inspiration for her art projects. She has lived in Heidelberg, Athens, Sydney, Istanbul, Vienna, Frankfurt and Berlin. All her artistic projects have developed from this varied, individual life.
Exhibitions of her jewelry collections: Hotel Crowne Plaza Heidelberg, German Embassy Istanbul, Palais Kaiserhaus Vienna,

Artistic design, living out this potential to the full, is visible in all her work. Especially in the field of art, free thinking and imagination are the force from which fantastic ideas take shape. This is the artist’s personal experience.

The art of Britta Elisa Krämer

The art of COLORS OF SUN was built by the artist based on her versatile artistic life. Vienna and Berlin became the most important locations for this. In Vienna she studied the profound effect of colors and took courses at the Vienna Art Academy. Later on, she found the inspiration, the idea of this sun project and to register in Berlin the name COLORS OF SUN. In this creative city she continued to develop the COLORS OF SUN art products. She traveled to many different places during this time for this art project: Kauai, Maui, Brazil, La Palma, Israel, England, America and Germany.

The holistic sense and effect of light and colors fascinated and inspired the artist into a deep creative process. With her eye focused on the beauty of the sun, she captured special moments and light conditions. She processed the pictures true to nature and with her individual creativity into a special art form.

She was concerned with highlighting the expression of the light and the colors through the sun and how to use this attractive radiance, this special mood in the design of spaces, through art.

In 2012 she established the registered word and picture trademark COLORS OF SUN in Berlin. The complete collection, the colorful, harmonious images of COLORS OF SUN can be experienced in the shop as acrylic glass pictures, as wall images on canvas and LED light boxes.