Photo Art in Everyday Office Lfe

Motivation Picture for the OFFICE

Lighting designers and interior designers devote themselves in a variety of ways to the creative furnishing of office spaces. With her photographic art, the artist Britta Elisa Krämer has specialized in creating lively, joyful room ambiences, for this subject. Her intention is to harness a spatial, powerful energy for those who often spend many hours sitting in closed rooms at their computers, so that the sun art can compensate for the lack of light and often also time-related stress.

Internal spaces affect the emotional state, the thoughts of every person in them in a very individual way. Scientific studies have been carried out on this subject. In a colorful, light-filled ambience, many things are much easier to handle. A glance into one of the sun pictures of COLORS OF SUN briefly puts the challenges of everyday work into perspective. This inspiring photographic art will become indispensable to you and your co-workers after only a few weeks.

The beneficial changes in the workplace, these positive effects in the office with the sun art will have then become an integral part of your office ambience. These wall pictures introduce a high degree of tranquility into the daily work routine. Have a look around our shop and see if a wall picture attracts your attention. If you find your gaze lingering on a motif, then take a little time to let it work on you. Create positive spaces for your office and your co-workers. Make use of this photo art as motivation pictures for your team and for team building. You can choose between canvas, acrylic glass and real glass images to present the appropriate photographic art in your office. To find the suitable image for your office, we invite you to visit our Online Shop.

Photo Art for Companies

Wall Pichtures for Companies

The photographic art of COLORS OF SUN expresses a very high level of powerful, harmonious spatial energy. Take advantage of this positive atmosphere and welcome your national and international customers to this harmonious ambience in the reception area of your business. Create trust and a conducive, trustful environment for collaboration for everyone in your company as soon as they enter your premises.

The photo art of COLORS OF SUN are also very popular for use in designing conference rooms where concentration and good solutions are needed. In the event of potential tension, these wall pictures create a calming atmosphere. After a few weeks these inspiring murals from COLORS OF SUN are indispensable for them and their employees. Even in architecturally appealing rooms, the special, fulfilling “something” is often missing. Photo art has been sought and placed here in recent years as a very popular design tool. We have a large selection from murals of COLORS OF SUN available for you in different designs. The LED light boxes could lead your visitors in an unforgettable visit in your company headquarter just visit our shop and get inspired.

The wall pictures of COLORS OF SUN provide you with a wide selection in different versions. You can choose pictures on canvas, acrylic glass and real glass images to create an appealing design in your offices. With her photo art, the artist Britta Elisa Krämer has specialized in integrating life-affirming pictures with a positive aura in rooms. Create positive spaces for your customers, your office and your colleagues. Perhaps you feel intuitively addressed by this approach of COLORS OF SUN?
We hereby invite you to our shop if your gaze lingers hangs on a motif then take a little time to let this work on you.