Murals for alternative Practitioners

Energy pictures for therapists

The Heilpraktiker is about the natural health of the person. The design of the room energy with the sun images fits wonderfully with the natural treatments. Nature and the sun represent the life energy for a source of strength. Rooms have an effect on the well-being of people.

Designing spaces with light and colors of the sun, allows people to perceive and use this power and brightening for their mind. Arrange positive rooms for your practice. Use this photo art as motivational images for your team and as energy images for your customers.

Take a look in our shop whether a sun picture can arouse your interest. The many possibilities of the sun images, allows you a individually suitable selection, for your mural.

Photographic Art in Health Consultation

Energy pictures for therapists

COLORS OF SUN will transform the waiting area of your practice into a relaxing waiting area. In this positive room atmosphere, with the sun images, people can prepare with joy for the following conversations. Rooms have an effect on people, on thinking, feeling and acting.

The design of rooms, with light and color through the sun pictures, allows to perceive a good room atmosphere and to relax. Become part of these beneficial, harmonious effects.

Become part of these beneficial, harmonious acrylic paintings, paintings on canvas and the LED light boxes of COLORS OF SUN. Take a moment and look around our wide range of products in our store.

For your desk

Card Box with Acrylic Stand

The card box from COLORS OF SUZN, with the specially developed acrylic card stand you can place nicely on your desk. The card box contains all 34 motives from COLORS OF SUN photo art.

The cards have a foil lamination and thus a luminous appearance. It is a small product with a great effect. The consistently high production quality and craftsmanship is a feature of all our COLORS OF SUN products.

Take a little time to browse through our shop and let these sun Product work their effect on you.