Murals for alternative Practitioners

Energy pictures for therapists

A visit to the Heilpraktiker is an affirmation of natural treatment methods. It is all about the nature of human beings and healing through the use of nature-identical substances. In support of this concept and to round off the atmosphere in the waiting area, the energy pictures of COLORS OF SUN provide excellent synergy for the room-energy in your practice.

The nature of the sun represents the energy of life and hereby takes up the themes of treatment to enhance the vital energies. For the strengthening of your office sets COLORS OF SUN a sign, for exactly this life energy in your rooms. Should you feel inspired then we invite you to our shop to let all 34 wall pictures unfold this positive energy on you.

Designing spaces with light and colors of the sun, allows people to perceive and use this power and brightening for their minds. You will find Britta Elisa Krämer’s photographic art by in various sizes, designs and versions. Our card box with its acrylic stand might also feel nicely positioned on your desk. Create positive spaces for your practice. Make use of this as pictures that radiate energy.

Photographic Art in Health Consultation

Energy pictures for therapists

An atmosphere sparkling with health in your institute’s waiting room is an ideal means of encouraging new life-changing thoughts. In the waiting area amongst the energy pictures of COLORS OF SUN, people can relax from the minute they walk in and prepare themselves for the subsequent conversations.

Such an ambience touches the body, soul and spirit plane immediately. Surrounded by the photographic art of Britta Elisa Krämer, waiting in this place becomes a kind of fluid introspection and receptivity to help the patient fully engage with his or her health. We invite you to be enchanted by the photo art of COLORS OF SUN. Feel welcome to enter our shop, make use of This images for your office.

Rooms have an effect on people, on how they think, feel and act. The design of interior spaces with light and colors of the sun allows people to perceive this force and the uplifting of their minds and to make use of it. These warm sun images welcome you as you enter our shop. Create harmonious spaces for with the Acrylmurals, Canvas, images with glas and the LED light boxes.

For your desk

My Card with Acrylic Stand

Also our card box from COLORS OF SUZN, with the acrylic stand could feel well placed on your desk. create for yourself a powerful and sunny view. The card box My Card contains all 34 motives of COLORS OF SUN photo art.

With our specially developed acrylic card stand you can place the cards nicely on your desk or reception. COLORS OF SUN, this power and harmony of the sun, can be used with this small product in its great effect for you and your customers.

These warm sun cards welcome you when you enter our shop.