Wall pictures for home

Photography in Living Spaces

COLORS OF SUN is bringing light and color into rooms through photo art. The sun with its high radiation has a penetrating effect for a particularly appealing atmosphere in your rooms. You can creatively use these individual and expressive murals for the design in your home. Looking at the brightness and colors of the sun images is simply a joy.

These photographs inspire people and encourage the creation of a harmonious atmosphere in the room. You can apply the positive images to any room. Due to the many different motifs, sizes and materials, the sun pictures easily fit into any room setting. In rooms with less incidence of light, you can quite quickly create a brightening effect.

This photo art is an enhancement to your personal relaxation in your home. There are many different designs and finishes of these joyful sun pictures. In acrylic, on canvas or as LED light boxes. This photo art will perfectly fit any room situation. You may take a little time to let the sun pictures in our store have an impression on you.

Canvas Picture in Children's Room

Wall Canvas Picture in Children's Room

The positive room design with, the sun art of COLORS OF SUN, supports especially children to relax and recover in their area. Children are very open to their environment and very easily perceive this joyful room atmosphere.

Especially for children, a bright, cheerful children’s room atmosphere is important for their well-being and playtime with friends. In the evening, before falling asleep, the harmonious sun images bring your child the prospect of a good sleep phase.

Children have a particularly accurate grasp of what is good for them; perhaps you should let your children choose a picture themselves. We welcome the whole family to our shop and perhaps you will feel inspired by a beautiful sun picture for your child’s room.

Photo Art under Acrylic or on Canvas

Wall Picture in Bedroom

A bedroom with an ambience that is well-balanced in terms of energy and tranquility allows for restful sleep. Since these sun pictures have a bright charisma, they are positive for your body, soul and spirit. These touching and visible qualities of these murals create oases of well-being.

The sun pictures from COLORS OF SUN are creating a harmonious and joyful atmosphere in your sleeping area. Due to the wide range of motifs and manufacturing, you can choose the most suitable sun picture for your inferior design.

The photographs are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and materials, so you can choose the right image for any room. Visit our shop and let the sun pictures attract you while you visit our image variety