Photo Art in Hotel Lobby

Interior Design for Hotels

COLORS OF SUN will design a positive atmosphere for your hotel guests when they enter the hotel lobby. This sun art immediately touches your guests and conveys joy. Viewing powerful murals stimulates positive feelings and thoughts in people.

For a special, distinctive hotel ambiance, custom photo art integrates perfectly into any room situation. Due to the diverse motifs, designs and sizes, you have a wide choice.

You can choose between acrylic glass, canvas pictures with or without shadow gap frames and LED light boxes to brighten up your hotel ambience. Take a look around our shop and be inspired by these cheerful and harmonious wall murals.

Photo Art in Hotel

Photo Art in Hotel

Especially in the breakfast room it is important to achieve a joyful and powerful mood, for a pleasant start of the day. With the murals of COLORS OF SUN your hotel guests enter a mood-enhancing breakfast atmosphere.

Make use of this harmonious and powerful photo art for your ambiance in the breakfast room, it will benefit your guests and staff. The sun is an appealing motif that everyone likes to associate with.

There are plenty of variations of sizes and colors for you to consider. You can get inspiration in our shop for new or complementary murals in your rooms. Take your time and enjoy looking at the murals from COLORS OF SUN.

Photo Art in Hotel Room

Wall pictures for the Hotel Room

The hotel room should always have a relaxing ambience, because in this room your guests have the expectation to feel completely comfortable. This applies equally to business people and vacationers. Both are looking for a room in which it is possible to relax.

The murals from COLORS OF SUN, with the sun motifs, radiate a joyful and harmonious atmosphere. This individual photo art with the wide range of possibilities for designing, for beautiful room atmospheres, will remain in a positive memory of your guests.
The acrylic glass pictures and canvas pictures in different sizes, can be easily adapted to the architectural specifications.

COLORS OF SUN takes into consideration every need in interior design. In our store you have the opportunity to view all products at your convenience.

Photo art for the Wellness Area

Facial and Body Treatment

The exclusive processing of the photo art and the harmonious effect of these murals create an inviting ambience in any area of your hotel. In the wellness area, the sun pictures are a most welcome design tool. Cosmetic and body treatment rooms are sometimes smaller spaces with limited light, this is where a sun picture can be wonderfully balancing and enhancing.

Your guests and staff will enthusiastically affirm these light sources and feel completely at ease and be able to relax even more. Wellness travelers are specifically searching for well-balanced offers for body, soul and spirit. For this purpose, the solar images are a suitable design tool for your wellness rooms.

The representative processing and the promotion of a light-filled and joyful room atmosphere is what makes the photo art so suitable for the wellness area in your hotel. Visit our shop to let these pictures have an effect on you and have a look at the many finishes and design possibilities.