Photo Art in Hotel Lobby

Interior Design for Hotels

Photo art in hotels, we create an oasis of well-being for your hotel guests as they enter the lobby. This photographic art will emotionally touch your guests, lighten their minds and promote a sense of tranquility.

When people look at energy-rich images of the sun, their concerns are dispelled. We offer you the theme world of COLORS OF SUN to create a unique and distinctive ambience for your hotel. Different designs and versions are available.

You can choose between canvas, acrylic glass and real glass images and LED light boxes to present the appropriate photographic art in your hotel.

Photo Art in Hotel

Photo Art in Hotel

there are many different reasons why a breakfast room and the first cup of coffee can help you start your day well. With the wall paintings of COLORS OF SUN, your hotel guests will enter a mood-lifting and energy-boosting breakfast ambience that will remain in lasting memory.

Every guest would like to start their day in this way, whether it is to be an ordinary business day or a relaxing holiday.

Ihr Hotelpersonal wird ebenfalls begeistert sein in diesem Ambiente arbeiten zu können dies fördert dann auch die Teambildung.

Photo Art in Hotel Room

Wall pictures for the Hotel Room

One challenge in the hotel industry is to provide a pleasant atmosphere in hotel rooms, for holidaymakers and businesspeople alike. Both are looking for a room in which it is possible to relax. The wall pictures of COLORS OF SUN address precisely this issue of creating a very private and sensitive ambience in hotel rooms.

Hotel rooms with the sun art by artist Britta Elisa Krämer will be remembered by your guests as a place where they can sleep well and recharge their batteries. The acrylic glass pictures in various sizes can be easily adapted to architectural specifications. The glass pictures for wet areas or the pictures on canvas of COLORS OF SUN accommodate every requirement that may arise in interior design.

Photo art for the Wellness Area

Facial and Body Treatment

The exclusive workmanship of the COLORS OF SUN photographs and their promotion of a harmonious atmosphere create a welcoming ambience in the wellness area of your hotel.     Create a warm, sunny room for your customers and enhance your body treatment with a feel-good ambience. Sometimes face and body treatments are carried out in small rooms, often without daylight. The sun pictures of COLORS OF SUN can compensate for this wonderfully. Your employees will enthusiastically embrace these light sources and your customers will feel totally at ease and relaxed.

We hereby invite you to have a look at the energy pictures of COLORS OF SUN with their warm suns in different sizes and materials in our shop. The designer and artist Britta Elisa Krämer relates her sun art to different color effects of interior design. Customers confirm that this photo art promotes relaxation and that a feeling of well-being is induced at first sight. Hoteliers increasingly turn to art, because sophisticated and demanding wellness travelers specifically seek out balanced programs for body, soul and spirit.

We can also provide you with water-repellent and easy to maintain glass pictures that are absolutely safe for installation in wet areas.