Murals for Medical Practice

Photo Art for Medical Practices

The wall images of COLORS OF SUN will make entering a medical practice as pleasant as possible for your patients. The first impression and the first emotion are decisive for the patient’s confidence in the treatment. The reception and the waiting-room play a very important role in this context, as a patient should be able to transform concern for his or her health into positive thoughts.

In these situations, the sun images, this photo art, with their positive charisma and effects are of great help. At this point the tenseness of stressed patients is guided into relaxation. The waiting becomes a kind of meditative experience through the calming, harmonious effect of the photographs. These wall images are processed as high-quality acrylic glass pictures, photo behind glass, wall pictures on canvas and LED light boxes. Give your patients the feeling of being welcome when they enter your practice. The size and color of the picture can be specifically selected to modify the resonant energy of the room.

How team spirit develops and how important a positive atmosphere is has become a current topic. Bright, colorful wall pictures and murals can create a working environment in which people feel a sense of well-being. Interior spaces affect the emotional state, the thoughts and actions of each individual in them. Creating such an environment with motivational pictures for the practice team imparts a trusting, appreciative feeling at work. The appropriate choice of energy pictures for your treatment rooms can become a team process. The photos are also available behind glass to meet hygiene standards.

Photographic Art in Medical Center

Murals for Medical Center

Effective cooperation in teams is the basis for successful work and healthy, satisfied employees and patients in medical centres. The use of photographic art is increasingly important in creating an environment for staff and patients that is as pleasant as possible.

The acrylic images of COLORS OF SUN are available in different sizes to allow a new atmosphere to be created in both small and large rooms. The photos are also available behind glass to meet hygiene standards. The colorful canvas pictures fit very well into the children’s corner of the waiting area and reduce the little patients’ feeling of being in hospital. Motivational images, the employees’ feelings of being valued, release positive energy and alleviate the lack of energy that often occurs when great challenges must be faced. The energy pictures and sun art of artist Britta Elisa Krämer makes the creation of powerful and harmonious atmospheres possible.

The team is supported by luminous interior design. With wall designs in the large corridors or the cafeteria, waiting patients can pass their time in a pleasant atmosphere. These modern wall pictures are genuine mood enhancers. Let yourself and your colleagues be inspired by the universal life energy that is incarnate in this positive sun art. The murals are also available behind glass to meet hygiene standards. To find the suitable photo art for your medical centre, we invite you to visit our Online Shop.