conscious body work

Room atmospheres for body work

The design of rooms for body awareness with the sun images, unfolds an optimal indoor climate. This photo art has a very high charisma. The effects are powerfully perceived by the participants.

The sun has always been at the center of life and is a beautiful inspiration for these spaces where people consciously connect with the power of life. In this radiant energy with the photo art, your customers can recharge good energy during your physical exercises.

The murals from COLORS OF SUN will meet you and your customers with power and beauty. Look around in our shop and be inspired by the different image variants. The photo art is available as acrylic pictures, canvas pictures with and without shadow gap frames and LED light boxes.

conscious body energy

Room atmosphere for body energy

With the murals of COLORS OF SUN, you can lead your rooms into a relaxing room atmosphere. This positive energy for your holistic treatments will be a benefit for your clients. The sun has always been at the center of life and with its great radiance can be seen and used as an energizing source.

It is all about creating powerful, lively and joyful room atmospheres for your employees and customers. The design of rooms with light and color transports vitality and joy and radiates a positive atmosphere. Create positive environments and use this photo art as energy pictures for your customers.

You can let these wall paintings work their effect on you in our shop as acrylic pictures, canvas pictures and LED light boxes. Perhaps you find one of them particularly inspiring – then take a little time and simply linger a moment with that picture.