Jewelry Collection

Jewelry collection inspired through the sun

COLORS OF SUN products bring out the radiance of the sun. Artist and jewelry designer Britta Elisa Krämer has transformed the inspiration she draws from the sun into a sparkling COLORS OF SUN jewelry collection.

The necklace pendants, rings and key chains are delightful pieces of jewelry. The collection, worked in silver, is handcrafted in Birkenfeld near Pforzheim and is finished in an 18 ct. high quality gold plating. As a jewelry designer, she has lived and created her collections internationally and has never failed to be inspired by the different cultures she has lived in. Her art project ‘Inspiration through the Sun’ began as photo art and then evolved into the design of this COLORS OF SUN jewelry collection. Yet another radiant product from COLORS OF SUN comes into its own

The rock crystals and diamonds enhance the charismatic aura and of this jewelry collection’s pieces. You can admire the different sizes and designs of the COLORS OF SUN jewelry collection in our showroom and allow yourself to be inspired. The consistently high production quality and craftsmanship is a feature of all our COLORS OF SUN products.
Made in Germany