Sun Pendant for Necklace

The sun pendant, made out of 18 carat gold with a diamond, is a high-quality piece of jewelry and handmade in Birkenfeld near Pforzheim. The artist and jewelry designer, has worked and lived internationally. She developed her collections individually and she has been always inspired by the different cultures in which she lived.

The successful years in jewelry design moved the artist to integrate a piece of jewelry at COLORS OF SUN. This is how the sun pendant came into being another radiant product of COLORS OF SUN. With the sun pendant, 15 grams of gold or 7,5 grams of gold, you have a real gold coin on your chain.

It is possible to wear the sun pendant with different chain thicknesses due to the large eyelet. COLORS OF SUN is selling the sun pendant without chain. You can admire the 2 sizes of the sun pendant from COLORS OF SUN in our showroom and allow yourself to be enthusiastic. The consistently of this high production quality and craftsmanship is a feature of all our COLORS OF SUN products.