Photo art by COLORS OF SUN

The tangible and visible qualities of sunlight in the photographs were developed to give the light and colors of the sun a place in interior design.The intention is to create a beautiful room atmosphere through these acrylic pictures, pictures on canvas, canvas with shadow gap frames and the LED light boxes. This photographic art has a very high radiance. The sun has always been at the center of life. Using this natural power of the sun as art in interior design is an enrichment for your rooms.

The artist has given the interplay of light and colors of the sun her individual, creative art form. She wanted to give artistic expression to this natural source of life with the canvas images, acrylic pictures and light boxes. She photographed in very different places on earth, neutrally selected places, she was interested in versatile photographs of the light and colors of the sun and to develop them further as an artist. The intensity and beauty of the sun is an effervescent source for any home or workplace. The joyful variety of colors and harmony of light in this art is a composition of nature and the artist.

The COLORS OF SUN word mark was founded in Berlin in 2012, each of the paintings is signed with this name. The sun pictures were photographed at the following locations and artistically realized in Berlin.

The Different Locations of the Photo Shoots

The Earth provides special sun intensity and light conditions everywhere in all areas. Such a starting point was besides Hawaii also the Canary Islands, southern England, Israel, Brazil, USA and Germany. Everywhere on her solar journeys for the art project she wandered through areas with fascinating nature. The same applies to the area around the source of the Jordan River and further into the West Bank along the Dead Sea, a path, where touching solar images were taken. She was interested in highlighting the light and the colors of the sun and expressing it through art. With the individual sun images the artist has implemented this through the expressive murals of COLORS OF SUN. These pictures make it possible to create very powerful room atmospheres. They are sensitive and at the same time powerful pictures for every area, rooms of life. The sun art creates very effective, appealing areas in your private or professional premises where people can feel even more at ease.

The clear natural forces of the places her sun travels took her to are reflected in her photographic art. She has taken these photographs in the desert of Israel, by the volcanic crater on La Palma, on the beaches of Kauai and Maui, in the surroundings of Brasilia, in the south of England, on the Californian Pacific coast and the beautiful German forest.
The sun with its high radiation has a penetrating effect that you can use positively for a particularly appealing interior design. In the store you can enjoy the murals and get inspired for the design of your own individual needs.

COLORS OF SUN welcome you as you enter the store. Create harmonious, joyful spaces for the family, for your office, your company or practice and your employees. Use this photo art as an energy that enriches your spaces. Become part of these soothing murals, acrylic paintings, pictures on canvas and the LED light boxes of COLORS OF SUN