The Photograpgic Art of COLORS OF SUN

The tangible and visible sunlight characteristics in Britta Elisa Krämer’s photographs were developed to give a spatial quality to the colors and light of the sun. Her intention is to create inspiring new room atmospheres with these acrylic pictures, glass images and pictures on canvas.

Because this COLORS OF SUN photo art has an intense aura that corresponds to that of the sun, a holistic effect is created for people. Effects that can touch body, soul and spirit. The sun has always been at the center of human history: universality, individuality and health are associated with it.

Britta Elisa Krämer says about the beginnings of her photo art:I was in Hawaii/Kauai to find inspiration for my work. From experiencing the interplay between the colors and the light of the sun, the inspiration arose to photograph directly into the sun. This was the beginning. More travels for the sun photography followed: Brazil, La Palma, Israel, England, USA. I called this photographic art COLORS OF SUN.

In an artistic process, I went on to enhance and refine all the photographs in Berlin, using a sophisticated procedure.

My goal was to bring out the colors and the light and to filter the darkness.

The Different Locations of the Photo Shoots

There are areas of the earth that are of interest from a cultural point of view, like the insertion point of a compass needle, around which much revolves. In addition to Hawaii and other special places on earth, Israel was also a starting point for the artist. She decided to begin at the source of the Jordan on the Golan Heights and follow the watercourse with her camera, through Israel, Jordan and the West Bank to its end at the Dead Sea. Numerous photographs of sunrises, midday suns and sunsets resulted. She was interested in highlighting the expression of the colors of the sun in special places on earth at different times of day in order to exploit the specific unique lighting conditions. The clear contrasts and natural forces of the places her sun travels took her to are reflected in her photographic art. She took photographs in the Judean Desert of Israel, by the volcanic crater on La Palma, on the beaches of Kauai and Mauai, in the surroundings of Brasilia, in the mystical south of England and on the Californian Pacific coast.

Rooms have an effect on people, on how they think, feel and act. The design of interior spaces with light and color allows people to perceive this force and the uplifting of their minds and to make use of it. These warm sun images welcome you as you enter our shop. Create positive spaces for your family, your office and employees, your company, your practice. Make use of this photo art as motivational pictures and as pictures that radiate energy. Become one with these pleasing, harmonious effects of the acrylic pictures, glass images and pictures on canvas.